Friday, June 14, 2024

Kizz Daniel’s Truancy And Flippant Behaviour Could Ruin His Career

Organizers of the summer amplified show in Tanzania have arrested Nigerian artiste Oluwatobiloba Daniel Anidugbe, better known as Kizz Daniel, for refusing to perform at their event after collecting payment. Before this arrest, Tanzanian social media was rife as disgruntled fans lambasted Kizz Daniel for his unprofessionalism. Instablog reports that angry fans at the venue ripped the hall apart in anger. Some fans allegedly paid almost $5000 to secure a table for this event. Given the money and time invested in attending the event, I won’t break anything in their shoes but would be very annoyed.

I must say, KizzDaniel is a remarkable talent, but it’s so hard to defend him. Here is a man who has been dragged for canceling three shows within the last 31 days. First, on July 7th, he stood fans up for over five hours at his concert in DMV. Then, on July 28th, he canceled his Denver concert abruptly. Worryingly, it’s alleged that he refused to perform at the summer amplified show because his clothes were unavailable. Other than this being ridiculous, it also calls into question his character. The blatant disregard for people’s time, resources, and sacrifices is a horrible trait for anyone. These fans could have used their hard-earned money for more productive things, but they chose to leave their homes and pay to watch you perform. Why treat the people who put a roof over your head with so much disrespect? No decent person should ever behave in this manner. You can be a Diva all you want, but that should not get in the way of professionalism.

Like Portable, KizzDaniel’s commitment to ruining his career is mindboggling. At this rate, he’ll get blacklisted by show promoters, and fans would forget him with the same quickness they used to get on the #bugachallenge. KizzDaniel is not the only high-profile Nigerian artiste on this “Table.” Anyone who knows me knows I never pay for a concert in Lagos. Seeing me at the venue means I got a free ticket. And no, I’m not being cheap (ok, maybe a little), but why will I spend 30-50k for a concert when the artist I want to see will show up at 3 am for a show slated at 8 pm? You won’t disrespect me when the money I paid you really should have been used to buy foodstuffs for my house. Imagine an artist who lives in Lekki being 5 hours late to a concert in VI, KILODE!!! In 2019, Wande Coal showed me pepper, and I will never forget it and learned my lesson.

Show promoters need to put in more work to ensure professionalism on these artists’ part. They need to push for laws pertaining to artists’ conduct when furnishing their part of the agreement. No artist is bigger than the music industry or the fans. They are not gods. They are not doing us a favour by performing. If they are tired or not in the mood to perform, they should stay in their homes and not disturb us.

KizzDaniel had this coming. His serial truancy and flippant behavior could only lead him to this juncture. I hope he learns from this and does better in the future, and for his sake, I hope this arrest ends in nothing more but a fine. God be with him.

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