How To Recall A Non-Performing Lawmaker.

A recall petition expressing a loss of confidence in said representative can only be initiated and submitted to the INEC chairman when it has been signed by more than 50% of registered voters in the constituency.

To know the total number of registered voters in your constituency, you can request a certified true copy (CTC) of registered voters in the constituency from the INEC office in the state.

Following this, INEC will embark on a verification process that involves verifying the signatures of the signatories to the petition for a recall. The verification process will occur at polling units in the constituency of the member petitioned against.

Once the verification process is successfully completed a referendum will be held at the petitioned member’s constituency. All voters in the constituency of the member petitioned against would vote YES or NO to recall the member. The referendum would be successful where the YES vote is more than 50% of the registered voters in the constituency.

If a successful referendum is held, a certificate of recall would be issued to the presiding officer of the affected legislative house. Subsequently, a by-election is held to fill the vacancy.

A recalled member can still re-contest as there is no law preventing that.

It is worth noting that only a member of a legislative house can be recalled. A president, state Governor or chairman of an area council can’t be recalled, they can only be impeached.

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