Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Headies VS Portable: Singer Disqualified From Awards

The Organisers of Headies award, Smooth Promotions, have announced via a statement released on July 26, 2022, that popular artist Habeeb Okikiola aka Portable has been disqualified from the Headies in both categories of the awards he was nominated for.  Part of the statement read that “The decision to disqualify Mr Okikiola is accentuated by a series of misdemeanors by Mr. Okikiola via his social media platforms.”

In May, Portable had threatened to cause harm to other nominees in the categories he was nominated for if he did not emerge the winner. In the following month of June, a video surfaced showing portable assaulting and inflicting bodily harm on another person. In July, Portable also published a video on social media stating that he is the founder of the notorious group, ‘One Million Boys’. One million boys happen to be a notorious gang of criminals who have robbed, kidnapped, maimed, and even killed many Lagos residents. First of all, I find it quite disconcerting that for the past three months, we have been subjected to Portable’s disgraceful antics and show of rascality. We the good people of Nigeria don’t deserve this.

Understandably, like most comments regarding this topic, I also agree with this decision and applaud the organizers for making the decision. Bad behavior on this level must not be rewarded. Also, between me and you, he did not deserve any of those nominations. The man doesn’t have one hit song, all he has is a very popular catchphrase. Barely an hour after his disqualification was announced, the Zazzu Zeh crooner posted a video where he bragged about having money, a wife, and fame. He also said he did not ‘regret his actions.’ I must tell you, initially, I thought Portable’s antics were nothing but PR stunts. But they kept getting worse. I have never seen anyone so committed to ruining their career. A career our dear Lord so graciously handed to him. The unprecedented success Portable enjoyed in less than two years of being in the music industry is nothing short of a Miracle.

The closing part of the statement read, “The music industry demands all-round excellence. It is crucial for young artists to be potential role models to exude professional responsibility, proper decorum, and respect for others.” As someone who always roots for the underdog, I hope that this decision triggers him to change his ways (even though his last post on Instagram says otherwise) so he can salvage what is left of his career.

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