Tuesday, February 27, 2024

EXCLUSIVE: 68 Year Old Former PDP Chairman, Once Accused Of Murder, Set To Clinch Labour Party Governorship Ticket

Moshood Salvadoor, the 68-year-old former chairman of the Lagos PDP, who was once accused of murdering Prince Adeniyi Aborisade, a fellow party member, then chairman of all PDP local government chairmen in Lagos in July 2018. Salvadoor was at the center of a series of crises in the PDP that sometimes led to violence, which made him a prime suspect in the then murder of Prince Aborishade, and which resulted in his defection to the ruling APC.  This is the man who is likely to be handed the governorship ticket of the Labour Party in Lagos. This shocking development is coming weeks after an organic youth movement, tired of the staus-quo, are organizing around the labour party to disrupt the political system and elect young and capable candidates into offices at all levels. “This is against the spirit of the movement,” a member of the labour party who spoke anonymously said in a short interview with this reporter. “We cannot have young people putting their money and resources together to engineer change in the political system and then our party now presents Salvadoor as its candidate. I won’t be surprised if the young people rebel against the candidature. What we need is a fresh candidate, young, intelligent, and vibrant, like the Obi/Datti ticket, to take back Lagos”

Since Peter Obi, the former governor of Anambra state, decamped to the labour party, there has been a renewed enthusiasm and interest in the political process from young educated, especially middle-class Nigerians who had hitherto excluded themselves from the process. In Peter Obi, many have seen an ideal candidate worth risking their efforts and resources for, such that an organic campaign has erupted, and gaining steady traction across the country. These ‘Obedient’ Nigerians as they like to call themselves are bonded by a collective disgust of the status quo and are resolutely in pursuit of a new Nigeria.

They have not only been seduced by the Obi message and fully persuaded by his antecedents, but they are also being propelled by a harsh economic crunch that is currently threatening their social status. Hence, Lagos state which many would argue is the birthplace of the Obident movement is also expected to join the National revolution by nominating and electing candidates that share the vision and capacity of Peter Obi. However, except something changes in the coming days, Moshood Salvadoor would likely be flying the Labour Party’s flag in Lagos.

“It is unfortunate that some members of the National Working Committee in our party are simply after what they can gain this period, not what the movement stands for,” another insider who is a member of the NLC political directorate, and also spoke to this reporter anonymously. “Since the party became popular due to Peter Obi, all some people now think about, especially in their NWC is how to make money. Otherwise, how can a party that is currently riding on the enthusiasm of young people, give their governorship ticket to a man who is almost 70 and has no in any way identified with the youths in Lagos. Even the APC in Lagos has always put forward relatively young candidates, so why do we who claim to want to do things differently, now go for an old candidate.”

Tone Deaf Political Parties

The Labour party in Lagos will not be the only political party that will be demonstrating a lack of understanding of the times. The other major political parties have also recently taken positions that reflect a tone-deaf approach from the leadership of the party. For instance, despite the clamour for power to return to the south after 8 years of a northern president, the PDP went on to nominate another northerner, whom if he wins will translate to 16 years of uninterrupted power in the north. The same can be said of the APC whose flag bearer, Bola Ahmed Tinubu recently picked a northern Muslim as his running mate completely ignoring the sensibilities of particularly northern Christians.

Hopefully, the Nigerian electorate, given the renewed confidence in the electoral process, will begin to punish political parties for being tone deaf and insensitive to the yearnings of the people.

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